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Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out

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Grainy hostage videos posted online showing two of their young children born into captivity. And inthe sudden release and return of a family of five to Canada, where a baffled public was eagerly awaiting an explanation.

But Fort Dodge i thinkwe meet at time out the months following their liberation, they struggled to answer key questions — Why had a pregnant couple travelled to a dangerous region of Afghanistan, and why did they continue to have children even after they were taken prisoner there?

Until now. Having finally fled from Canada to the United States with her four young children, Coleman can finally say what many previously suspected — that she was a prisoner not only to Islamic militants, but also to her own husband.

The alleged abuse, Coleman said, continued after they returned home. Boyle was arrested by Canadian authorities on Dec. Boyle has pleaded not guilty.

Years earlier, Boyle protested the U. They spent a few days thlnkwe the Afghan capital Kabul before Boyle hired a taxi to drive them deep into Taliban-controlled territory.

Armed gunmen on the road told their driver to pull over and took control of their vehicle. Coleman says Boyle frequently mentioned his former father-in-law, but their captors simply shrugged.

But even in captivity, where they lacked access to any basic medical care, their family continued to grow. Coleman miscarried their second child, which they named Martyr, after she says the guards put a chemical in her food.

After their release, Boyle offered his own explanation to the Associated Press: She claims her husband repeatedly raped her while they were prisoners of the Taliban. Boyle called authorities and was later arrested by Ottawa police and jailed for months, during which time Coleman successfully argued af an Ottawa family court for full custody of their children, paving the way for her to return to the United States last Tire eachother out.

Many current and former senior U. Coleman said she still fears her husband and has asked that ABC News not reveal where she and the children now reside in the United States.

The future for Coleman and her children is uncertain. But Coleman knows, at least, that they are prepared to face it.

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