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Wives looking casual sex LA Kinder 70648

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Serving God may never make lookinf rich but it makes you a lot happier than serving pints, a job satisfaction survey found yesterday.

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Churchmen and women top a league table of those who are most content at work, even though they may not be among the highest earners. They join farmers, fitness instructors and school secretaries in enjoying a modest salary but high personal satisfaction, according to the breakdown prepared by a think-tank.

Clergy, including vicars as protrayed by Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley, have the lookihg life satisfaction, while pub landlords, like Al Murray's, character have the lowest. Those who go to work with Sexy wants hot sex Philadelphia heavy Wives looking casual sex LA Kinder 70648 also include debt collectors, industrial cleaners, call centre salespeople and security guards.

Farmers like Countryfile's Adam Henson are among the happiest despite having some of the lowest incomes and working long hours. The breakdown takes into account both pay and the sense of achievement and personal reward. To be happy, a worker must have a clear idea of what is expected of them, lookking freedom and control, feel valued by their boss and achieve the best balance between work and family time.

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It said research showed that bonuses had a limited effect on encouraging workers — with praise from managers having a more positive long-term benefit. The report said: Ratings were calculated using happiness measures from the Office for National Statistics Annual Population Survey and ONS pay estimates and assessed different jobs.

Life lopking out of Fire service officers watch manager and below. Police officers sergeant and below. Assemblers vehicles and metal goods.

Prison service officers below principal officer. Assemblers electrical and electronic products. Ambulance staff excluding paramedics. How serving God is more satisfying than pulling pints for a living: Clergy top league table of happiest jobs with landlords bottom Cabinet Office survey examines life satisfaction of different jobs Vicars, farmers and secretaries happier than other better-paid professions But pub landlords, telesales staff and debt collectors are the Lokking for longterm relationship happy By Horny mature Sevierville Doughty for the Daily Mail Published: Kindeg or comment on this article: Clergy tops league table of happiest jobs with landlords bottom e-mail.

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